What are People Saying About Kplay?

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quotesHaving people in your life to lift you up and help you find inner strength and love is one of the best things you can ask for. Spending time with Kim Players and listening to her motivating and inspirational wisdom has really helped me focus on what is important in life and push me towards getting to where I want to be. I highly recommend any women, no matter what age or occupation, to come to her workshops and see what she is all about, I promise it is worth it!!” — Lisa C., Financial Advisor

quotesNot only beautiful on the outside, but just as beautiful on the inside…Kim Players is an enthusiastic, fun, inspirational woman who not only inspired me with her words, but with her life. She lives what she teaches. We trained together for a half marathon and with her natural gifts of passion, dedication, determination, and encouragement, we accomplished our goal. Half marathon accomplished as well as 44lbs. down and health and strength like I only dreamed of having attained in such a short time. Couldn’t have done it without her!” – Christal G., Women’s Ministry Leader

quotesKim Players was my private personal trainer for approximately 1 1/2 years. She pushed me to be the best I could be by making me realize my own potential was within me, I just had to find it. She was always positive, excited & confident in her training and I used her motivation for many years to help stay in better shape & live a healthy lifestyle.” – Julie B., Business Owner

quotesWorking with Kim Players has changed my life. She is a woman with the answers to many women’s questions. Why help when you can assist? Why need when you truly require? Why question what you really deserve? KPlayisms are truly rules to live by and rules to make life easier. Outlining strategies for personal development; “to live our god given purpose.” If you haven’t been to an inspiring KPlay workshop yet, get out your calendar and book one today! If you have – you have most likely already booked the second.” – Angela T., Business Owner

quotesKim makes learning fun and she is not satisfied until she makes sure that she has delivered everything promised and more.  You will not leave her workshops disappointed.” – Denise C., CEO, RecycleYourIncome

Teen Tech TestimonyquotesKim Players is one of those rare individuals that has a great message and a big heart. Her message resonates with a wide range of generations. Last week I had her speak to a group of teenagers at a “Teen Technology Camp” and she really connected with the audience, but more importantly she planted lasting seeds with them regarding “Being Unstoppable.” A few months ago she spoke to my business to business networking group and people are still talking about her and her message. Clearly I am big fan and am delighted to have found Kim." - Rick T., Syscom Technologies

quotesKim Players has a wealth of lifetime experience which translates into a powerful ability to identify with women of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and passions. Her workshops are warm, connected, real, and give me something to use the minute I walk out the door.  I trust and can count on her honest insights. I leave inspired everytime!” – Dena B., Life Coach

quotesFrom the moment I met Kim Players I knew I was destined to work with her. I achieve my goal of getting to the next level of business because of her limitless energy and insight. Kim has a way of reminding me of my leadership ability that propels me to levels of excellence and integrity.” – Sonia S., Personal Stylist

quotesKim Players, is the best professional speaker for small business owners.  Owning a small business, I sometimes feel discouraged from all the challenges and problems we have to tackle every single day.  Kim provides the Kimism and the inspiration to get me going and pumped up for the next slew of challenges.  Thanks Kim!!! We’ll be awaiting for your CD!!!” – Priscila S., CPA Partner at Excellence Tax Services, LLC

quotesWords that describe Kim Players… Authentic… Passionate… Focused… Caring… Compassionate… On Fire! Kim is an amazing woman who is on a Mission to educate and empower women to discover their greatness and create the success that they desire! I have had the pleasure of working with Kim recently and can tell you that this woman is “The Real Deal”! Take advantage of ANY opportunity that you have to work with her!” — Willard B., Certified Business Coach and Consultant – Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Peak Performance Trainer

quotesWhen I first met Kim Players at the Phillyfit Bash I knew we had alot in common. Her energy & enthusiasm was off the chart! I knew it was destiny for us to collaborate with our businesses. Kim is an amazing woman with an incredible drive to assist others achieve their goals through her motivational workshops. I am so glad we have met and so excited to be working with her, she is my inspiration!” – Tracy H., CEO of Zoned 2B Toned