About Kim

kimwithdogsKim Players is an inspirational speaker and trainer who is known for transformational energy and masterful training ability. Her background and experience in Sales, Fitness Training, and Leadership Development empowers her clients to say “YES I CAN” and become their own biggest fan!

For the past 25 years, Kim has been listening to men and women, cheering them on as they meet goal after goal regardless of their background and experience. Her passion and commitment to health and self mastery is the reason she was selected to be a key team of the Zone 2B Tone, Philadelphia’s premier health & wellness show.
Kim has trained and collaborated exclusively with world-class and distinguished thought leaders in personal development. Global Icons Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hanson, and Susan Sly are a few of her mentors.

She has presented to diverse audiences; Liberty Mutual, ITT Technology College, Pyramid Club of Philadelphia, Women’s Leadership Conferences, and featured on NYC’s Lifestyle Channel.

She is married for 25 yrs to her biggest fan and has two independent, focused and fabulous daughters